I am a web developer and artist specialising in social apps and game development.
I am currently an independant developer of games and apps using PHP and Flash. Please click on the links above for the various games and apps that I have developed as well as my previous works.
If you're looking for a passionate, hard working and skilled developer/designer then look no further.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms Online
Skills involved:
XSI, VBscript, Javascript
When I was at Koei, not only do I design and create 3D models, I also spent a significant amount of time scripting to help reduce the workload of the Art department significantly. With my programming expertise, I was able to streamline and accelerate the workflow of the company through the use of scripting. I have written a total of hundreds of scripts in my 2 years there, source of my scripts are available upon request.
Cover shown here and game is copyrighted by Koei Entertainment Singapore/KOEI. Source of image is from The image shown here is merely representative of the game. This poster is neither designed nor created by me.